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What is it?

Based on the success of the community to create PSX, PS2, Xbox and Wii Emulators, the 3DS Emulation was widely searched the last few months and has followed the track. There wasn’t an available working one, up until now. It’s not the final version, so some roms may not work – but we aren’t far ahead to release the final version, hopefully until fall/winter 2016.

So we can say, Citra is the first working Nintendo 3DS Emulator which you can use to play 3DS roms.

You would like to be a beta tester for the newest versions?

Unfortunately the developers have quite some work to do already. What you can do is, copy the crash-logs in your emulator to the issue tracker on Github. Although if a game just crashes before booting, then please don’t report that.

What are the supported operating system?

Currently Windows 64-bit is supported (tested on 7 and up), Linux and Android, and Mac (OS X). Other platforms aren’t tested so far, but it could work, too. Report bugs on Git.

Does Pokemon X and Y, Zelda, Harvest Moon 3D etc. work?

The Legends of Zelda and Harvest Moon do work up to a degree. We had some notes that Pokemon works, too. It depends on your system – try it out and let us know.

Further Notes

The 3DS Emulator is a widely searched software. It makes it possible for someone who wants to play popular 3DS Nintendo Games like Pokemon or Zelda without an 3DS Console. There are various compatibilities in developer for each system; Windows, Linux or OSX.

During the downloading process of Citra you can follow the instructions on how to install the emulator on the particular system you are using.

Nintendo 3DS is a widely recognized console from Nintendo, Nintendo by itself is widely known as the producer for Game Cube, generations of Game Boy and also for the older console that were very preferred during the 90s: Super Nintendo.

The long time heroes that became popular from Nintendo are Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Pokemon.

It is only possible with emulators to play the 3DS games with your computer, you can download for example various emulators for the older versions of Nintendo that are also present. To mention some of them, there are working ones for Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, Playstation I and II, etc.

The 3rd series of the DS Generation happened to be the most selling product of Nintendo in the year 2012 in Germany so it is not questionable why this trend goes through the computer in form of a emulator to make it easier and possible to play on computer.

The Games are also available online as Roms. Although it is not legal to download copyrighted them.

Read here more information.
The Citra Wiki can be found at: https://github.com/citra-emu/citra/wiki